Hey my LB babes! I am starting a series about my biggest makeup regrets. It may be month to month or a couple months at a time but I will post them, so you can learn from my mistakes. A little disclaimer, just because these things did not work for me does not mean they don’t work for you. You may love them and thats great but like I’ve said before makeup has no rules! I do have a couple things to share with you. These two are probably my biggest makeup regrets.



I’m going to have to give the number one spot to Subculture by Anastasia of Beverly Hills Cosmetics. I was so excited about this palette, the hype for this palette was real! Some say that the palette wasn’t up to par because the images were released too early and it wasn’t ready. The reason why I regret purchasing the palette is because it just doesn’t work. The shadows do not blend. When I would try to blend them out they would get patchy and they oxidized.I tried doing a look with this palette but it looked awful so I wiped it completely off. I did love the color selection though, it honestly was magical! Don’t get me wrong I do love ABH Cosmetics but this palette was a big let down for me.



Number two is Life’s A Drag by Lunar Beauty AKA MannyMUA. This is a beautiful palette and I was so inspired by the colors (or so I thought) that I had to buy it! I literally waited online so I could be one of the first to get it. Trying to buy it was so chaotic! It took me a couple hours before I could actually get it, everyone had problems trying to purchase it. So with all that being said this isn’t a regret because the palette was no good, this is a regret because I have not used this palette, not once since buying it. I swatched a few of the colors and they were pretty underwhelming.This palette was a dud for me.


With all of this being said, I will not return these products because they are a part of my makeup collection. Although I will never use them I keep them because I was inspired by them at some point. Its hard for me to throw my makeup away weirdly I seem connected to the products. They all hold a story, Makeup isn’t just something we use to enhance our beauty, we use it because it gives us creativity and it gives us confidence.


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