With this being my very first lipstick of the week, I wanted to give you some info on how I will be choosing it. First off, I will not be picking a limited edition lipstick because you won’t be able to get it which is why it’s a LE. I will name the lipstick and why I chose it. I want it to be something you could pick up from any beauty store. I will also have a less expensive dupe if you don’t want to spend too much of ya' coins. I want it to be available to everyone (inclusive). Enough of all that.. This weeks lipstick is…

MAC Velvet Teddy!!

Velvet Teddy is a creamy rich lipstick formula with a high color payoff in a no-shine matte finish. It is a deep-tone beige and retails for $18.50. Now if you don’t want to spend the money on a MAC lipstick I do have a dupe for it, which is Wet and Wild Bare It All and its only $4.00!! Now that’s a steal!  I will link it all below! 

I love this color! It works for numerous shades, it’s very comfortable on the lips and it smells delicious! Velvet Teddy was the very first lipstick I ever bought from a big brand. I felt gorgeous when I put it on! It wasn’t too much and for my first time ever wearing an actual lipstick, it wasn’t too crazy. I still felt comfortable and I still felt like me. Thanks for reading, kiss ya later!

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