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Hey my LB Babes! Today is National Lipstick Day!! I felt like today is the perfect day to publish this blog site! Come on, Lipstick Bitch and National Lipstick Day, how could I not?! I have some interesting facts about lipstick, let me tell you all about it!


Lipstick has actually been around for thousands of years. People have been wearing lipstick dating back to the 13th century! The ancient Mayans, aboriginal tribes in Australia, and get this, Cleopatra rocked her very own signature color! In Egypt they wore lipstick to show their social status so it wasn’t just women rocking lipstick! Since they didn’t have the raw materials that we have today, they got creative. They made lipstick from crushing beetles (YUCK!), berries, and even fish scales. Oh' man, this is making me sick.


In 1884 the very first lipstick was sold by Guerlain, this was a French cosmetic company that started to manufacture it. Then, in the 16th century, BAM the infamous red lipstick was out! It became very popular in the 16th century made famous by the beautiful Queen Elizabeth. She rocked this red lipstick with a very pale face and that is what launched this lipstick trend into fashion! Then in WWII lipstick was marketed as the official weapon of the war. It was heavily worn on the military nurses in the shades Victory Red and Fighting Red. Women were working “manly” jobs, makeup empowered them! They also felt it was fulfilling their societal demand for feminine beauty! Win/Win right? Lipstick and makeup played a big role in our history. Its only fitting to lipstick gets its own holiday!


MAC cosmetics celebrates their own NLD (National Lipstick Day)  by giving their customers a free tube of lipstick! All you have to do is go into the store and pick it up! Its not a sample size either! You might think this is too good to be true, but trust me its true there’s no catch to it! Just show up and claim your free lipstick prize!

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