Hey my LB babes!! Today's topic is going to be my makeup routine I like to use to help battle those hot sweaty summer days! The trick to beating the heat is to have a flawless base. If your base is locked in and secure you are ready for the day! WARNING this makeup routine is not for the faint of heart, you will be “beating” your face, this is not for the light coverage queen.  Alright, let's get started shall we!


First off I like to use a primer that is mattifying and pore filling, which is why I love the Benefit “POREfessional”! This primer creates an even base to layer on your foundation.

Now in the summer months I like to have a matte foundation and in the winter months I like a bit dewy foundation. I do have combination skin so it changes quite frequently. So, in the summer I love the Urban Decay “All Nighter” foundation! This baby is MATTE! This is perfect for oily to combination skin, if you were to use a dewy foundation, girl, this makeup would be sliding right off your face!


Next step, concealer. The one that I love, which is also my holy grail, is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This bad boy never fails me. Perfect coverage and it does not crease.


After all of this liquid we have to set your face. The setting powder that I like to use is the RCMA “No Color Translucent Powder”. It’s inexpensive and I’ve had it for a little over a year and I just ran out of it! Only thing I don't like about it is the packaging. I had to purchase a container for it, which costs pennies.


Moving on to bronzer, I will always use the Physicians Formula “Butter Bronzer”! One, it smells like a tropical vacay and Two, it’s the perfect color for a number of shades. I am very pale but it works for me! I have friends who have deeper complexions and they love it too! It’s also pretty affordable, Winner!


Last and final product is a good setting spray. There are numerous ones on the market right now. Some are for a dewy finish, matte finish, glitter finish, some just to lock in the make up. The ones I like to use in the summer are the GlamGlow “Glowsetter”, great for the dewy finish, but expensive! Another one I love is the Too Faced “Hangover RX Setting Spray” locks in the makeup and it’s refreshing! An affordable one is the Morphe setting spray “The Continuous Mist”, ugh this has a fine mist, locks the foundation, gives a dewy finish, and is affordable!


So there you have it, my fool proof summer makeup routine that'll have you beat the heat and looking fabulous! Like I said before, this is a full coverage routine. If you are into a much lighter routine be sure to check out my blog post about also! I do love a light coverage day but I also love a good beat. In the summer I will do eyeshadow but I really focus on the base and work on perfecting it. I do use a matte foundation but I load up on the highlighter! That's it for now LB Babes, I'll be back soon with tips, tutorials and reviews!

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