Hey LB babes!! I have to tell you the foundations I’ve been in love with, the great thing about them is they are all from the drugstore! I want to scream this from the rooftops! I have always used “prestige” foundations from Sephora but they are not what this blog is about. I’m not even going to mention them, because I always thought they were expensive they would be the best, boy was I wrong! Here is a few of the drugstore foundations that I am currently in love with.


Number one foundation on my list goes to Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus foundation!! This bad boy only cost $5.99USD! First thing I love about this foundation is that it is so affordable, everyone can buy it! Also this foundation is beautiful! It has a satin finish which I love, it settles perfectly onto the skin, and it doesn’t give you that “makeup” look. I actually get a lot of compliments on it. They always tell me my skin looks fresh. A guy complimented my makeup telling me it looks like my “real skin”, so you know its good. There are only 2 downsides to it, it smells like wet paint and there are only 19 shades. It’s 2018 and we are all about being inclusive. No excuse.


Runner up is Revolution Beauty’s Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation! Revolution Beauty is killing it with this foundation and concealer! The cost is $12.00USD which is a great price. This foundation is so beautiful! This is definitely a medium coverage but it is very buildable. The formula is describe as a demi-matte, which means its a gel formula that is lightweight and I have to agree with that, it feels like nothing is on my skin and I love that in a foundation! I love everything about it, the packaging is great its like a giant concealer, doesn’t smell like anything, and it comes in 24 shades.



Last but not least Colourpop’s No Filter Foundation! I have already done a review on this foundation and their concealer so you already know I love this! This also cost $12.00USD, which is such a fair price. This definitely dries down matte but it isn’t a heavy matte, it is lightweight and settles beautifully. For this to be Colourpop’s first foundation they killed it! Great formula! Only downside to this foundation is that it oxidizes so you do have to go a little lighter so you don’t get that face mask affect. This foundation comes in 42 shades! Take notes “prestige” brands!  #noexcuse

So LB babes that is it for my current favorite drugstore foundations. I am so happy that I tried all of these foundations because now I can’t stop using them! I have yet to use my “prestige” ones. The foundation that I have been grabbing above the others is the Wet N Wild Photo Focus, this seriously is my number 1 and it doesn’t break the bank! You have to try it! Let me know if you babes have tried any of these and how you like them. Give me some feedback! Until next time!


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